Singapore Airport

Changi Airport Rooftop Pool
We didn’t want to fork over the $15 SG pool access fee, but nonetheless snuck a peek at the rooftop pool and lounge atop the Singapore Airport.

We landed at Singapore airport at 6:15am, rarely do I ever want a flight to be delayed but with 5 hours of down time before our next flight, it would’ve been nice to get another oh, hour or so of sleep before landing. But what better place to kill time than in Changi airport, home of a rooftop pool, 4 spas, 7 themed gardens, movie theatre, entertainment lounges, cushy nap areas, and who can forget the 4 story slide. And they had free mentos laying around everywhere – bonus! We first checked in, then visited the rooftop pool, orchid garden with koi pond, wood rubbing station, sunflower garden, cinema (they were showing Step Up 3 for free), and then since we were tired of walking, enjoyed a Tiger beer at the bar…oh and it was only 9:30am. Thankfully the flight was on time, so we made our way over to the gate early to account for security only to find that each gate had its own security station!

Passengers were screened at the gate entrance and then could sit in the holding area before boarding…pretty efficient (unless you have to use the bathroom). And just like that, it was off we went to Yogyakarta…so long Singapore (for now).

Orchid Garden
The indoor orchid and koi garden was one of the many gardens that made Singapore’s airport such a gem.
Wood Rubbing Station
The true sense of killing time…

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