Singapore Airlines: the longest flight in the world on the largest plane in the world

Airbus 380
This was the first time I’ve ever flown a double decker plane! And boy did it take forever to get off the ground…

For those of you that have heard me speak of this trip, you know the Singapore Airlines experience is one I’m particularly looking forward to. For all it’s worth, it was all that and then some. We boarded our 8:35pm flight out of JFK on time and were greeted by the Singapore girls, complete in their world famous sarongs. What actually really stood out to me was the customer service – everyone was super nice and didn’t make you feel like you were making them go out of their way. We got some goodies upon taking off – warm towels, free headphones, a kit of toothbrush/toothpaste/socks, and a super comfy Givenchy blanket/pillow set. What a difference some quality materials can make. We managed to keep ourselves entertained with the entertainment system, where I learned Indonesian (thanks to a bizarre interactive game with a doglike critter that you have to make jump to hit the right word match – you had to be there), watched some movies (who knew I’d ever watch “Think Like a Man”), and watched some tv shows.

Indonesian Lessons
One way to learn Indonesian

Here’s what we had for meals…
Dinner: potato and tuna salad, general tso’s chicken, cheese/crackers, roll/butter, strawberry cheesecake
Breakfast: fruit yogurt, croissant, blueberry muffin

Had a 2 hour layover in Frankfurt from 10am-12:35pm where we killed time by wandering our terminal, gambling away $5 (3 euros was not a very impressive amount to take out) in 5 minutes on slots, and trying bratwurst. Then we boarded for leg 2 to Singapore.

Lunch: chicken with ratatouille, stir fried chicken with cashew nuts and egg noodles, cheese/crackers, roll/butter, ice cream bar
Mid flight snack where we sleepily snagged a sandwich and chips for later
Breakfast: fruit, yogurt, braised rice vermicelli with chicken, rolls, muffin

Of course we were treated to a fair amount of wine with and outside of our meals although given my excitement for this trip it didn’t help with easing me to sleep! And of course I had to try a Singapore Sling which was a bit challenging to down early in the morning…

On a side note, the bathrooms were also fancier than any other I’ve seen aboard a plane and also compared to most NYC establishments…fancy faucet that is touch activated, mouthwash, razors, toothbrushes, beauty kits, and a lever to step on for the trash. I was impressed!

We arrived at Singapore a bit earlier than our 6:35am eta…now time to kill 5 hours before taking off for Yogyakarta!

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