Off to Greece! (but first, Montreal)

The very healthy Flammekueche, with bacon, caramelized onions, and gruyere from Les Tres Brasseurs in Montreal

The wedding is over, the honeymoon is over, and now it is finally time to get this blog back on track!  Doug and I have talked for years about wanting to visit Greece together, but wanted to hold off to make it our honeymoon.  So there was quite a risk in waiting as we didn’t know how long it would be until we got married, let alone if that day would ever happen.  But man, was it worth the wait!

First, we waited 6.5 years…and then 30 hours more for our long journey to our first destination.  When faced with the decision to lay over for 3 hours in Montreal or 6, we opted for the longer layover so that we could explore Montreal for a few hours since Doug had never been.  It wasn’t a ton of time, but certainly enough to explore the Old Town (Vieux Montreal) and to grab a bite.  We took a taxi into town and walked through the old square, which was a pedestrian-only zone.  There were tons of open air restaurants and cafes, and TONS of people walking around.  Since we didn’t have all the time in the world, we stuck to the Old Town vicinity to people watch, walk by the river, check out the market, and grab lunch.  Originally, I wanted to get poutine – french fries smothered in gravy with cheese curds – but since Doug didn’t want to share, I thought it’d be too unhealthy a meal to kick our vacation off with (not the best idea when we have to be on the beach for half our trip!).  Ultimately, my decision didn’t end up being any healthier – I ordered a flammekueche, a traditional flatbread dish from France, topped with bacon, caramelized onions, and gruyere.  It was delicious…but definitely not a healthy way to kick off the vacation!

Quaint pedestrian alleyways in Old Montreal
Tree-lined boulevard along the Promenade des Quais
Canadians love their poutine!
Lunch at Les Tres Brasseurs, a French-Canadian microbrewery. Doug got the Brie-Blue Burger and fries, but I think they forgot to finish loading the fries on the plate.

We had a little time left so we stopped at a random bar to try out a local Canadian beer before having to head back to the airport.  Our next flight, the 7-hour haul to Athens, was on Air Canada Rouge.  Oh, that’s just like Air Canada, right?  NOPE.  We didn’t know that, until it was time to check in and even the airline had posted some warnings making sure their customers were aware that any negative experience on Air Canada Rouge was not to be confused or attributed to its mother airline.  While Air Canada Rouge was positioned as the “vacation airline,” what that really meant was that it is AC’s budget airline that didn’t even have in-flight entertainment…for a 7 hour flight!  Thankfully, we could download their app and stream movies and shows on demand through their app.  However, the flight certainly wasn’t the most pleasant way to spend a honeymoon – with crying babies all around us, crappy food, no free alcohol (granted it was only $4 for a glass of wine, but it’s all about the principle!), and a disgusting smelling blanket.  It also refurbishes old Air Canada planes and squeezes in even more seats so every review we read complained about the noticeably limited legroom.  We tried to get out of the flight, or at least called to try and upgrade ahead of time, but the airline deferred us to the booking site,, which upon learning about our misgivings, “mysteriously” dropped our call.  The customer service was TERRIBLE.

That said, we had a few drinks, watched a few movies, and zonked out, so in the end we made the most out of it.

If you look really hard, you can see a person ziplining over the river
Drinking some local Canadian brewskies


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