Hasta Luego, Playa…

Umbrellas on Playa
I’m not sure what these umbrellas signified, but loved how they brightened up Avenida 5

Short day today, as we all had to leave in the late morning to head back to Cancun.  We grabbed an early breakfast at Indigo Beach yet again, today consisting of chilaquiles (again…they were good), apple cinnamon bread with dulce de leche, and some yogurt and granola.  It was a great way to leisurely spend our last hours together, doing what we do best: catching up on life (yes there was still plenty left to talk about), sunning, and eating.  By 10am, the girls’ taxi was here and they were off on their way back to Cancun airport.

More chilaquiles, yum
More chilaquiles, yum
Too bad I can't wake up to this over breakfast every morning
Too bad I can’t wake up to this over breakfast every morning
Miss Annalisa
Miss Annalisa

I, on the other hand, had a 4:10pm flight so I didn’t need to get to Cancun until much later, so I hung out solo for a few hours until the very last possible minute.  After all, we only had such limited time in Mexico that I wanted to maximize every minute that I was there.  Although it was nice to get in early to settle in before everyone, it felt eerily empty after the other 3 left.  So off I went, trying to explore and experience every last inch of Playa del Carmen in my last 2.5 hours of freedom before getting whisked back into the real world.  So I spent it getting a mini massage (courtesy of our condo – nice perk!), getting a lovely teacup of Mayan Hot Chocolate (not too sweet but nicely rich and a little spicy), and wandering around shopping for maracas, hot sauce, and other souvenirs.  I got so lost in my thoughts, wandering aimlessly on Avenida 5, that I actually for a minute got lost and overshot the condo.  Not sure how this happened for the first time, on the LAST day there…

In order to get to Cancun airport by 2pm, I needed to take the 12:30pm ADO bus since it would take at least an hour.  I guess I really did squeeze every possible minute out of Playa del Carmen since I barely caught my bus in time…apparently one should factor in wait time at the ticket counter and NOT wait til the last possible second!  The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful since there wa absolutely nothing to do at the airport terminal.  One can only entertain themselves for so long at the duty free shop, and the only real restaurant was Margaritaville, which had an abysmal chicken wrap (but a delicious Corona!).

Thankfully, the rest of the trip was on time, so after a long layover in Miami and quite the lengthy trek via the Newark Airtrain, I was back at home sweet home at the ripe hour of 1:30am.  Thanks Beata, Thanh, and Liuba for a great girls’ weekend away – all in all a success, and a really great and relaxing way to spend quality time with some of my favorite ladies!  Next time, I’m DEFINITELY staying longer…

Some cool bean pods in a very pretty tree hanging over my balcony (anyone know what this is??)
Some cool bean pods in a very pretty tree hanging over my balcony (anyone know what this is??)
From an adorable chocolate shop called
From an adorable chocolate shop called “ahh cacao” on the corner of Avenida 5 and Constituentes

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