Ramstein Air Base

View from my hotel on the base, which overlooks the air field. Thinking there might be some more action tomorrow when the sun comes up!

At long last, my flight finally arrived at Frankfurt airport at 8pm local. Thankfully, I was able to get a decent amount of sleep on the plane even though the woman sitting next to me was practically sleeping in my lap half the time. My trip started getting better when I realized that Singapore Airlines already had Ted on the plane, so of course I watched that in between naps. Since I write about food all the time, I would be untrue to myself if I didn’t at least acknowledge the food on the plane. Singapore Air diligently already switched out their menu from the last time I flew 2 months ago, but the food wasn’t as good this time. Just 2 meals, one of which was a dill shrimp salad (can’t stomach the idea of eating shellfish on a plane so passed), roll, pork in a black pepper sauce and rice, and fruit (that is NOT a dessert) with zero alcohol…the other was a standard breakfast with rolls, muffins, etc. And lots of cookies to tide us all over in between.

I originally had a shuttle booked from the airport to the base, and despite their response acknowledging my flight’s delay, they were a no-show at the gate. So my great luck continued…until I saw a group of people also departing for the base on “Rita’s Airport Shuttle.” Note to self – use them and not Alex Airport Shuttle anymore! They were able to squeeze me in, and confirmed that Alex’s Airport Shuttle doesn’t even run past 5pm. I was accompanied by one of the referees officiating tomorrow’s game, along with 3 others that worked at the base and were of tremendous help in telling us about the area, getting the driver to the right gate to pick up our hotel keys and visitor passes. So things were definitely looking up.

I finally got dropped off at my hotel on the base around 10:30pm, so the entire day was unfortunately lost. The two points of silver lining were that I got to (re)meet Jay Bilas and John Anderson (SportsCenter) and since I surely wasn’t going to get drinks with them, I picked up a mini bottle of wine to drink with my sandwich back in my room. When they rang it up? $1.50 for that and a water. SCORE. It’s all uphill from here!

My $1.50 mini bottle to make up for the last 24 hours. Now, do I drink straight out of the bottle or from a plastic cup?

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