Fenway Park: Where it all Started…

The Jolly Green Monster

We were in New Hampshire for a wedding when we decided, why not head into Boston and check out a Red Sox game.  Neither Doug nor I had ever been to Fenway, and being the sports aficionados we considered ourselves, it would’ve been unfit to be that close to Boston without a visit to the Green Monster.  So thanks to a certain Boston fan we knew working in sales, we finagled 4 free tickets to Sunday’s game against the Phillies.  That’s when the idea came to us.  Rather, to be fair, Doug was the one who came up with the idea.  We like baseball.  We love to travel.  And we like ice cream (then again, who doesn’t?).  Being only a few months into our new relationship, we needed to have something that was inherently “us.”  And so, the baseball ice cream mini helmet collection was born.

Result: Red Sox lose to Phillies, 3-5

Most Excited to See: Big Papi

Location: lower level behind third base

Fellow Fans: Worm & McGee

Memorable Highlights: finally visiting the famed Green Monster.  Getting hit by a flying bag of peanuts by accident (not a highlight), then being offered said free bag from vendor (much better).

Food Review: can’t remember, so doubtful it was memorable (minus the delicious free bag of peanuts of course)

Game on!
Game on!
Welcome to Fenway
Welcome to Fenway
Helmet #1!
Helmet #1!
Hello Green Monster
Hello Wally

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